Gaslight Gathering Steampunk Convention 2011

Posted on: May 11, 2011

Victorian or the Future, which time period do you prefer?

Well, the Victorian era was best known for their fashions. I love the long dresses, beautiful corsets and stylist hats.

Not to mention the gorgeous architecture, literature and the absolutely radiant works of art.

And as for the future, don’t get me wrong I love living in a time where we have cars and the internet. When I was a kid I got an idea of what the future might have been like from the Back to the Future movies.

Flying cars, hover boards and flux capacitors. Great scott!

So back to my question, Victorian or the Future?

Why not both?

By combining the two you have a culture where the past, present and future are one and the same. You have Steampunk!

For years I have heard the term Steampunk yet I’ve never got the full grasp of it until this past weekend, where I attended the first annual  Steampunk Convention in San Diego, California. It was held at the Town and Country Hotel. I’ve passed the place a million times and it was my first time going inside. It was very lovely.

From start to finish I saw people with blasters,

handmade items for sale,


and costumes, lots of and lots of costumes! Each costume had a story.

This guy made his wings out of CDs that he spray painted and took him two months to build. He even had a cord that you could pull and the wings pop out. Wow! That’s impressive.

This man’s helmet is made out of a planter that he got at Lowe’s and took the face out of the clock to put into it. It took him about a month to make. He said he made it for a film he’s doing The Martini Effect. Apparently he’s combing his love of deep sea diving and his 40-year love of Steampunk.

Meet Alejandro Lee. He’s a comic book artist that created the comic The Ballad of Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete. It’s about this cowboy robot that fights off this mad scientist and the robot comes across this dying girl, who he brings her back to life Frankenstein style with a reverse Pinocchio touch to it. After he brings her back to life, she kind of becomes his sidekick and they fight the bad guys together. If you want to learn more check out the site ssnpp.smackjeeves.com


Introducing The League of S.T.E.A.M (supernatural and troublesome ectoplasmic apparition management) a group of monster hunters, inventors, scientists, craftsmen, adventurers, and paranormal researchers. I just learned about these guys and I love them! My favorite was Zeddediah, the zombie butler and the punchy fist was pretty cool.

Of all the costumes I saw at the convention, the Clockwork Fairy was by far my favorite. She was beautiful beyond words. The girl told me that the wings were made out of foam cardboard that she craved herself. It took her five days and forty hours to crave them. Amazing!

I talked to a lot of the vendors and they had a lot of cool stuff. Here’s some of their information in case you guys want to contact them:

-Maria Berry Enterprises Presents Flotsum’s and Jetsam’s Emporium

“Re-Fabricated Finery for the Fashionable Adventurer”

3267 Carson Road Placerville, CA 95667 (Email maria_berry_enterprises@yahoo.com)

*Very nice woman. She told me she got into Steampunk when her husband got laid off. They needed to make some money so she started making jewelry and purses and she’s been doing it ever since*

-Bete Noir

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Avarra LaRoux, Heather Burch and Sarah Edgar


*These girls have serious dance skills. There’s a picture of them on this page. They told me that their costumes were made out of an old couch they took away. Wow!*

-Butterfly Frillies Corsets

Custom Victrian and Contemporary Corsets

Made to Order Custom Overbust Corsets

Owner and Designer Yuly Springer


*These were really beautiful corsets. I would have bought one but I was on a tight budget that weekend.* 

After spending four hours, walking around the convention, taking pictures and meeting Veteran Steampunkers, I asked them to explain what Steampunk means to them.

-“It’s all about creativity taking it to your own level.”

-“You don’t have to money to create something Steampunk. You can take everyday things and make it your own.”

-“Getting into Steampunk is a really good choice. I think everyone can find something to love in the Steampunk culture.”

-“Let your imagination go wild!”

-“It’s like being in another world.”

-“Start small, get stuff at the thrift stores and because it’s an open playground, read the material and have fun in your own universe.”

And what does Steampunk mean to me?

I fell in love the very moment I laid eyes on it. I was surrounded by all these people who were devoted and very passionate about the culture. They were  making things out of lamp parts, old couches, and everyday items and turning them into something amazing. I love how you can get lost into the culture. The more you stand out, the more you fit in.

I hope they have it again next year. Gives me plenty of time to come up with a costume.


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Facebook confirmed that pre-reg tickets were being sold on Sunday…another rumor has it the ZRA Gaslight maybe landing in 2012 and going on Safari! So many cool costumes you could make…

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