Snow White and the Huntsman

Posted on: June 2, 2012

Yesterday I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. In fact, I plan on seeing it again today.

Okay, Cliff Notes summary of the movie.

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is the daughter of King Magnus and Queen Eleanor. After her mother’s death, King Magnus marries the beautiful Ravenna (Charlize Theron), after rescuing her from the Dark Army. Soon it’s revealed that Ravenna is an powerful sorceress and that she commands the Dark Army. She kills the king, seizes the kingdom and has Snow White locked away in the dungeons.

Fifteen years later, the kingdom is in ruins and everyone has pretty much given up hope. Ravenna learns from her magic mirror that Snow White is destined to surpass her as “the fairest of them all”. She must consume her heart in order to become immortal. Over the years her abuse of magic has caused her stolen beauty to fade, which is why she captured all the beautiful women in the kingdom to drain them of their youth.

Snow White manages to escape and the Queen orders Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), a drunken widower to take her brother, Finn and his men to the Dark Forest to find Snow White. After finding her Eric takes pity on her and decides to protect her. With the help of the Huntsman, a band of dwarfs, an old childhood friend, Prince William (Sam Claflin) and an army, Snow White sets out to fight her evil stepmother.

I loved how they did Snow White in this film. I’ve seen a lot of different versions, like the Disney version and a few TV movie versions that’s a little more adult but still appropriate for children. However, this film is more hardcore compared to the others. I loved how they portrayed the characters.

In the movie Snow White is strong, compassionate and brave. She wants to take back her father’s kingdom and make everything right. When you’re around, it’s like everything comes alive. For the people in the kingdom, who has known only death, it’s a miracle in itself to see a flicker of light in an endless sea of darkness.

Kristen Stewart did a great job. I know people will forever see her as Bella Swan from Twilight and believe her to be an awful actress but I would like to say to them, shut the hell up already, okay? There is a difference between turning a classic fairy tale into a live action fantasy film and a teen drama about a sparkling vampire and a werewolf fighting over one lossy girl. Get a life!

I liked how they didn’t make Snow White into a damsel in distress. Seriously, how many times can we watch her hang out with a bunch of forest animals and clean up after seven lazy midgets, while singing a corny Disney song?

This movie proves that princesses can kick ass too.

While Snow White is all about life her evil stepmother is her opposite.

Ravenna is vain, selfish and cruel. She takes pleasure in people’s miseries and believes that beauty should be used as a weapon. You learn that before she became queen, she had a hard life and now she justifies her actions as a way to survive. Everywhere she goes death follows.

Man, Charlize Theron was perfect as the Evil Queen. She had everything down from the icy evil stare to her wickedly evil sexy wardrobe. I mean, her very present screamed, I’m an evil bitch and I’m a force not to be fucked with.

Although, it’s not all about the ladies. Let’s not forget about the other characters, like the Huntsman. After all the movie is called Snow White and the Huntsman.

When you first see Eric, he’s pretty much a wreck. He’s lost his way and drowns his sorrows in alcohol. When he meets Snow White, he has a reason to live again. He sees so much good in her and it’s something worth fighting for.

The first time I saw Chris Hemsworth was in the movie Thor and I fell in love with the guy. He’s just a phenomenal actor. I mean, he was filming this movie and the Avengers. That can’t be easy. I loved how they gave the Huntsman a bigger part. I remember from the story is that he let Snow White go and gave the queen an animal’s heart and said it was Snow White’s. Yeah, Chris Hemsworth is the man!

Of course you can’t tell the story of Snow White without her dwarves. The dwarves in this story are a group of petty thieves, who join Snow White and the Huntsman in their cause. They were once gold miners, until Ravenna came along and bleed the land dry, destroying their people in the process. Once they meet Snow White, they see how she connects with everyone and with the land and that they need to help this girl in order to restore the balance of things.

I loved the actors who played the dwarves. Ian McShane, Johnny Harris, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, and Brian Gleeson. They really brought the characters to life.

I just want to tip my hat off to the director Rupert Sanders, who did an absolutely wonderful job on this film. He really knows how to tell a story. I love how he pays close attention to the details and visual of things. I mean, one minute everything is so bright and colorful and the next it’s all dark and depressing. When you watch this film you are literally transported to another world.

Also, I really enjoyed the music in this film. But my favorite song was “Breath of Life” by Florence and the Machine. It fits in perfectly with what’s going on. I mean, when you hear it you can actually see yourself fighting in some epic battle. It’s that empowering. I mean, the last song that made me feel this way was “Bring me to life” by Evanscence in the movie Daredevil. I’m gonna get the soundtrack when it comes out.

So that’s my little movie review. If you guys still have your doubts, try watching the trailer again and reread this blog one more time. Trust me it’s something worth watching.


3 Responses to "Snow White and the Huntsman"

Nice post. That song by Florence and the Machine rocked ha? Love it!
Check out my post about the movie if you get a chance…

Great review! For some reason I could not catch the Huntsman’s name… If you haven’t seen it, there’s another adult version of Snow White with Sigourney Weaver and Monica Keena. Much more a horror film than anything else. Worth tracking down for the different perspective.

Great review and I absolutely agree with you. I saw the movie just yesterday and I already want to see it again. I really liked it that much.

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