Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Posted on: June 17, 2012

This whole thing started when four animals broke out of the Centeral Park Zoo and accidentally got lost in the wilds of Madagascar. From they ended up in Africa and now Europe, where they their biggest adventure yet.

Madagascar 3 picks up from the last film with Alex the lion (Ben Stiller), Marty the Zebra (Chris Rock), Melman the Giraffe (David Schwimmer) and Gloria the Hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith) still in Africa. After getting sick and tired of waiting they, along with the lemurs King Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen), Maurice (Cedric the Entertainer) and Mort (Andy Richter), decide to go Monte Carlo to get the Penguins to fly them back to New York.

In Monte Carlo, the Penguins and two chimpanzees, Phil and Mason (disguising as the King of Versailles) are on a winning streak at the casino until Alex and the gang attempt to reach them blunders and causes panic. They end up being chase by Captain Chantel DuBois (Frances McDormand) from Animal Control. Man, that woman was persistent. Soon they hide out with a traveling circus. It turns on the circus are performing in Rome and London, where they plan to impress a promoter to get them on their first American tour.

I love the Madagascar movies. They’re always so funny. My favorite characters of course were the Penguins: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private. They may be small and a bit crazy but they are resourceful. And the lemurs were funny too. Julien fell in love with a circus bear named Sonya. I always thought he was a little weird.

I enjoyed the new characters like Vitaly the Tiger (Bryan Cranston), Gia the Jaguar (Jessica Chastain) and Stefano the Sea Lion (Martin Short). The first time you see them perform they’re pretty awful but they weren’t always like that. They were once a great circus but they fell on hard times and lost the love to perform. But thanks to Alex and the gang they became a real circus again.

I loved their performance toward the end. They were doing a whole Cirque du Soleil thing except it’s all aniamls, instead of humans.

When Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria finally got back home, but they weren’t happy. Alex’s rock is no longer seems so big. Marty’s mural isn’t as beautiful as the real thing. They realize that they had lived more with circus than they ever had in the zoo. Seriously, who wants to be lock up in a cage for the rest of their lives?

I would say this is a good way to end the series.


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