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I just want to give a big birthday shout out to the once and only, Daniel Radcliffe, who turns 23 today. It seems like only yesterday that we just saw little Dan going off to Hogwarts for the first time. They grow up so first.

I remember reading somewhere about how he was in the bath when he got the news. His dad came running in and said “Guess what they want to play Harry Potter?!” Dan actually cried. I would too! Having the honor of playing Harry Potter would have been the greatest day of my life. Seriously, how many people get the chance to play such a beloved story book character and the big screen?

Even though the Harry Potter series is over already, we haven’t seen the last of Dan. I know he was in that one horror film, The Woman in Black that came out early this year. And he was this play called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I heard that one was good.

Once again, Happy Birthday Dan! I hope you have a great day.


A week ago I went to Comic Con International in San Diego. I love going to Comic Con every year. It’s like my own geek vacation. Anyway, I went to a few writing workshop there and I got inspired. Since I love to write, why not try writing for comics.

My story is about this girl in early 20’s who decide to fight crime dressed as a super hero. I got inspired by other archer heroes like Green Arrow, Hawkeye, etc. I always wanted to try archery. Man, I haven’t written an original story in years and I’m pretty proud of this.

I’m a geek so I might as well get paid for it. This is the first chapter and I’m off to write chapter two. If you guys want to keep check of the story go to fictionpress.com. My pen name is BloodyTink.

Here’s the a sneak peek.

If some guy had randomly walked up to me on the street one day and told me that a year from now I would be fighting crime while dressed as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, I would have brushed it off as some perverted geek’s fantasy and tell him to go fuck himself.

Well, the joke is on me because it’s Saturday night and I’m perched on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in the city like some gargoyle, looking down at the people below.

Seriously, I don’t know how comic book heroes  do this every night, waiting hours on end for some dumb ass to break the law. I wonder if Spider Man ever considered bringing a book while waiting for Dr. Octopus to show up. And I’m pretty sure Batman could afford an ipod with all the money he spends on those high tech gadgets.

From up here the city lights seem to shine like jewels in an endless sea of darkness, giving the illusion that there’s something worth while in this hellhole. But the minute you try to reach for those lights, you end up getting electrocuted like the other gullible little insects that were too stupid to see the truth: Esmeralda City has gone to shit.

I’m not being mean. I’m being brutally honest.

I watched the people walk the streets like busy little ants, always in a hurry, never stopping. I remember back in the day where the neighborhoods were so clean that even the homeless people looked pretty dapper despite their ratty clothes and lack of good hygiene. Now it’s a dump.

Actually calling the city a “dump” is considered a complement. It’s like living in a pile of shit under a bigger pile of shit, made of broken hope and discarded dreams.

Man, aside from a few college students leaving the club and a transvestite that looks like Johnny Depp working a street corner, tonight has been uneventful. Fuck! And I was looking forward to a little target practice too.

I was about to call it a night when a woman’s screams interrupted my train of thought.

Time to go to work.

I break into a run, jumping on rooftops with the grace and agility that would make even Catwoman green with envy. You know, you would think people would notice a young woman doing back flips and other cool gymnastic moves in a green and brown leather outfit. Hell, I would have settled for someone making a Robin Hood reference. I’m astounded at the absolute jadedness the human body can conjure up when they refuse to acknowledge the obvious: that the city has it’s very own super hero looking out for them.

Every hero has a reason for fighting the good fight: truth, justice, revenge, 15 minutes of fame, etc.  Whatever the reason you can’t help but respect the ones brave enough to go out there in the dead of night, putting their lives on the line, while wearing spandex and still maintain some kind of dignity.

My reasons are pure and simple. I’m sick of all the bullshit that’s happening in this city. I just want to feel safe again and protect the people I love.

Forgive me, where are my manners? I’ve been babbling on this whole time that I forgot to introduce myself.

To my family and friends I go by Jade, Jade Salonga. But you may call me Quiver, the Midnight Archer. At your service.

Happy Independence Day!

We have a lot to be thankful for on this day. A lot of men and women sacrificed their lives to give us this freedom. So when you guys are watching the fireworks, or just enjoying a family barbecue in the backyard, take the time to appreciate what you have.

God bless America!


I love going to the movies! Seriously, I just love seating in the theater and watching a movie on it’s opening weekend while eating a bucket of popcorn. People often wonder what makes a good movie. While, aside from a good storyline and a good cast, I would say for me as long as the film still has my interest and I don’t have the sudden urge to demand my money back, than to me that’s a good movie.

Unfortunately, when I watched these movies, not only did I want a refund but I also want to put a bullet in my head. Seriously, they were that awful.

For all the movie lovers out there, this is a list of movies you should avoid at all cost.

1. The Last Airbender (2010). It’s based off the cartoon series on Nickelodeon about a this young boy named Aang, the Avatar, who had the power to control the four elements: air, water, earth and fire and save the world.

I loved the TV series and I expected this movie to be awesome. I was greatly dissappointed. I should have known the movie would tank when I found out that M. Night Shyamalan was directing it. Shyamalan totally butchered it! There were so many things wrong with this movie: the actors, the storyline, it was horrible.

2. Mr. Brooks (2007). The movie stars Kevin Costner who plays this guy named Earl Brooks. By day is a wealthy and successful businessman but by night he’s a serial killer.

Now you would think this movie would interesting enough but it was a big let down. I expected it to be a big cat and mouse game between Mr. Brooks and the detective played by Demi Moore.  Mr. Brooks had to deal with this guy who saw him murder this couple and the dumb ass actually thought he could blackmail him. And all Demi Moore did through out the entire movie was complain about her asshole ex-husband.

3. The Good Shepherd (2006). It’s basically the untold story of the birth of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Oh my god! This movie was so fucking boring!! I kept nodding off. Matt Damon is a good actor and I loved him in the Bourne movies, but this movie sucked. Matt Damon’s character was so one dimensional. The only times I ever saw him show any signs of a personality was when he was having sex or dressed as a woman.

4. Haywire (2012). This one is about a beautiful woman who is a spy but is betrayed by the people she works with.

Okay, when I was first saw the trailer for the movie at Comic Con last year I thought “wow, this looks pretty good.” Then when I actually see it in theaters I thought “what the fuck is this??” Nothing in this movie made any sense. The storyline was all over the place and I didn’t understand the purpose of certain characters.

5. Obsessed (2009). This movie was about this office temp, who falls for her boss and tries to seduce him.

You know when you watch a certain movie, you can pretty much guess what’s going to happen next? Man, this movie was predictable down to the last detail. There were no twists or surprises. The trailer pretty much gave everything away. I was annoyed that they didn’t explain Ali Larter’s character. I mean, she was a crazy bitch but they didn’t explain why. I mean, does she has a history of going after married men or something?

I know I have more but these are the ones that stick out the most for me. Avoid these movies at all cost.



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