Billionaire gives woman $20,000 after giving him directions

Posted on: August 25, 2012

Have anyone ever walked up to you and asked you directions on how to get somewhere?

I’ve had that happen to me a few times. Sometimes I know the place and sometimes I don’t. Well, I heard about this I was like “holy crap!”

The article I read was about this woman, Jennifer Vasilakos, who was at  an intersection trying to raise $20,000 for a stem cell procedure she needs to help save her life because she suffers from kidney failure and doesn’t qualify for a transplant. Suddenly a man drove up to her asking for directions. She gave him one of her flyers and he gave her a $50 donation.

An hour later, he comes back and introduces himself. It turns out the guy was Ty Warner, the founder of Ty Inc, the Beanie Baby company. He tells he was going to help her. And true to his word, on July 16, Warner sends Jennifer a check for $20,000. There was also a note that read,

“someone up there loves you because I was guided to you meet you Saturady. I never lose my way, but fate had me lost and ask you for directions. The rest of the story I hope you will be a wonderful new life for you.”

A few weeks later the check clears and she booked a surgical procedure at a undisclosed foreign hospital to begin hematopietic stem cell treatment. Basically they take a cell from bone morrow or blood that can renew itself and develop into a variety of specialized cells.

I thought this story was amazing. What Ty Warner did for Jennifer was very kind. I wish there were more people like that in the world. Instead of all these crazy maniacs running around with guns and killing people for no good reason.

I remember one time I met this woman who asked me a ride to the drug store because she didn’t have a car. I notice that her feet were really swollen from walking many miles on the freeway. I felt sorry for her so I gave her a lift. When I dropped her off she said that she would pray that good things would always happen to me.

A week later, I was at this restaurant asking for a job application when this man walks up to me and asked if I would like to have a free dinner. I was like, huh? You see it was his wife’s birthday and he and his son were taking her out to celebrate, but they needed four people in their party in order to get this birthday deal.

Wow! Who would have thought huh?

I think we can all learn something from all this. Help your fellow man. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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